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Telex Advertising: Where Ad Strategy Meets Brand Brilliance.

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Telex Advertising: Your Partner in Strategic Media Planning & Buying.

Insights that drive success.

Telex Advertising: Uncovering Opportunities through Insightful Market Research.

Breaking through the noise with innovative ideas.

Telex Advertising: Pioneering Creative Thinking in Every Campaign.



At Telex, we diligently bridge the chasm between Brand Design and Communication. Our relentless pursuit is to unleash innovative and out-of-the-box strategies, forging an indomitable persona for our clients that resonates powerfully with their consumers.

DeClutter! make your brand stand out!

We are an Award-winning Advertising Agency that strives to combine Extensive Research with Out-of-the-box strategy to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd!

Awarded Multiple Times as a Leading Advertising Agency in Mumbai

Welcome to Telex Advt, a leading full service media agency in Mumbai. Led by Mr. Jitesh Patil, our expertise in strategic advertising and roi-driven media campaigning is unmatched. With a proven track record of delivering impactful strategies, we combine creative excellence, systematic planning, and cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum visibility and brand exposure. Partner with us to elevate your brand's presence in the dynamic advertising landscape.

20 Years of Excellence in Driving Success

With a humble beginning in 2004, we embarked on a mission to conquer uncharted markets. Every day, advertising fuels our thirst for knowledge. No matter what propels your brand forward, we offer affordable solutions and the finest advertising mediums. We overcame numerous obstacles to establish our company, treating each step as a triumph. Today, we stand as a trusted multi-service advertising agency, enabling brands to reach vast audiences and leave an indelible mark.

Enduring Partnerships: Once our Client, Always our Client

Experience the unwavering commitment of Telex Advt, where client relationships are built to last. With our relentless pursuit of excellence and unparalleled service, we establish enduring partnerships that stand the test of time. From the moment you choose us, you become part of our valued client community. We understand your unique needs and deliver exceptional results that go beyond expectations. Trust in our proven track record and join the ranks of satisfied clients who have made Telex Advt their advertising partner for life.

Stand Out, Sell More – Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai

Experience the power of our punchline: "Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai" – where visibility translates into sales. In a competitive market, standing out is paramount. With our strategic approach and captivating advertising solutions, we ensure your brand catches the eye and captures consumer attention. Be seen, be heard, and witness the transformation as your products and services fly off the shelves. Trust in the proven formula of visibility leading to profitability. Choose us as your partner in success and unlock the potential of your brand.

Revolutionize Your Advertising with the Telex Advantage

Discover the game-changing advantage of Telex Advertising’s pioneering approach. Through our innovative use of the Ad Planning & Copywriting principles, we redefine media campaigns, delivering unparalleled value for brands and companies across India. Say goodbye to high initial investments and embrace a cost-effective solution that maximizes your advertising potential. Join the ranks of countless businesses that have harnessed the benefits of our system, propelling their growth and success. Experience a new era of advertising efficiency and effectiveness with Telex Advertising.


If you want to Promote your Business on the “Right Track”, then Telex Advertising is the Best Choice!

Power in Numbers: Fueling Advertising Success with

Our Impressive Track Record

Advertising Experts

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National & International clients

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“Advertising is the art of capturing hearts, igniting minds, fueling possibilities and inspiring actions!”


Discover what sets us apart and makes us a leading force in the industry. From our unrivaled expertise and innovative strategies to our dedication to client satisfaction, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Experience the Telex Advertising difference and witness how we stand apart from the competition. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unwavering drive ensure that we consistently surpass expectations and make a lasting impact.


Proven Track Record of 20+ Years of Advertising Success


Access to an Extensive inventory of Advt Channels


Command on Media Strategy & ROI-Driven Campaigning


Customized & Multi-faceted Campaigns at very affordable prices


In-Depth Consumer Behaviour Insights & Targeting



Cutting-edge tools to maximize your Advertising ROI


Forward Thinking, Creative & Strategic Approach


Before-time execution while delivering what is promised

Voices of Success: Client Testimonials That Inspire

“I have been associated with Mr. Jitesh Patil and his company since 2017 and I have been referring him to my clients for outdoor campaigns & advertising for great banners and hoardings. The Telex team really are doing a great job. They are always ready to serve 24/7. They have been delivering outstanding campaigns and I hope they continue to do the same and keep shining.”

Mr. Vinod Patil

CEO & Founder

Weaverbird Creative Solutions

“We have been working with Telex Advertising since last 4 years for lot of our clients outdoor campaigns. They have a thorough knowledge about the outdoor media and have a good turn around time. We definetly recommend Telex Advertising as your Outdoor Media Partner. We wish all the very best to team Telex for their future.”

Mr. Amey Katkar

Founder & CEO

4P Solutions

“From the past 6-7 years, we are associated with Telex Advertising and personally, it has been a great journey. When it comes to outdoor media & marketing startegy, Mr. Jitesh Patil has given helpful guidence. He is a well experienced and has a great expertise in the marketing world. Telex Advertising’s work, professionalism and media growth is unbeatable.”

Mr. Amit Patel


A Plus Group

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